what is a lesbian?

What Is A Lesbian?

A female who is emotionally and sexually attracted to other females, only.
Some lesbians know they are same sex attracted at a very young age, others discover this attraction in later life, and some women call themselves bisexual before deciding they are lesbians.

Confused about your sexuality?

Compulsory Heterosexuality Many girls and women are encouraged to feel that the only ‘normal’ sexual relationships are with boys or men; this can make some young women think that they should try out heterosexual relationships before having the chance to experience female attraction.
It’s totally fine to be unsure about your sexuality! Everyone experiences it in their own way, and the most important thing to remember is that you are in charge of it. Only you know what makes you feel good.

Mothers and motherhood

There are different ways lesbians can be mothers:
• Having children from a previous heterosexual relationship;
• Sharing parenting of your partner’s children;
• Artificial insemination;
• Adoption or fostering etc.

And of course, some lesbians don’t want to be mothers at all. Lesbianism used to be used as a reason for a woman to lose custody of her children, happily this is no longer the case.


The body you are born with. Humans have two sex categories; female, and male. There are people with intersex conditions but they still fall into the biological category of female or male.


The social stereotypes we associate with men and women. Masculinity for men, and femininity for women.
We believe all women are great, just as they are. All women are born in the right body. A woman’s preferences and the way she behaves does not mean she is wrong or needs to change in any way. Many lesbians find the expectations of gender to be restrictive or harmful and choose to not conform to gender.