lesbian connections

One of the main factors for setting this website up is to enable lesbians to connect with each other and find lesbian community. We have found that forming friendships with lesbian peers has helped us feel more settled and confident in our own lesbianism. Making connections with lesbians older and wiser than us has also provided invaluable advice and guidance, not only in love, but in life too!

Being lesbian can feel really lonely at times. It can be challenging to find other lesbians near you, and even if you find an LGBT group or organisation, the lack of attention to lesbian issues and experiences can be disheartening. This isolation can have a big effect on how you feel about being a lesbian. The good news is the current revival of lesbian community that many young lesbians are joining

We want you to know how great being a lesbian is, and how fun and freeing making lesbian connections can be! We’re all different, and we have found that getting to know other lesbians and seeing how diverse we are has been really liberating. There’s no one way to be a lesbian, and as long as you’re being true to yourself, you’ll find the way that works for you

Take a look at some of the links to lesbian meet ups and social groups below:
(See Staying Safe in the Relationships section for tips on meeting online friends in person)

Meet Up

MeetUp.com is a great way to look for events and groups local to you. You can also use it to set up your own groups and events. It can be difficult to find groups on MeetUp that are lesbian exclusive, a lot of them are for lesbian and bisexual women. Only you know what you’re looking for, and you’re not being discriminatory for seeking a specifically lesbian space.

Lesbian Rights Alliance

The Lesbian Rights Alliance promotes lesbian visibility and campaigns against lesbian discrimination and sexual harassment, abuse and bullying of lesbians. It upholds the rights of lesbians to have same sex relationships and to be able to meet up in safe women only spaces. For more information about lesbian rights see https://lesbianalliance.org.uk/about/

Lesbian History Group

Lesbian History Group runs monthly events, online and in person, about lesbian history. The lesbian history group already has some young lesbians attending its meetings and we welcome others. It is a lesbian only group. – if you would like to join the group and attend the meetings here is the email lesbianhistorygroup@gmail.com or visit the website at https://lesbianhistorygroup.wordpress.com/

Lesbian Strength Marches

Lesbian Strength organises yearly Lesbian marches. The last one was in Leeds in September 2022.
Details about the march can be found on twitter https://twitter.com/StrengthLesbian or on https://www.facebook.com/events/1148668325673863
Here is a video of the march.
Further information about Lesbian Strength and the first marches which started in 1983, can be found on their website.
They have a solidarity fund to help you get to the march if you cannot afford a train or bus journey to get there. Contact :lesbianstrength@gmail.com

Making other connections through PositivelyLesbian

If you are interested in PositivelyLesbian setting up zoom meetings please contact us through the contact page.

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