who we are

project originators

This website is founded by 20-something lesbians who want to provide a positive lesbian-run space for young women. We work in partnership with the activist group the Lesbian Rights Alliance (LRA). They have raised the funds for this website and provide us with valuable experience and support

lesbian experiences

There is general information on LGBT websites, but there is little specific information about being lesbian. We want to provide information and support about the lesbian experience from the lesbian perspective. There is an established and active lesbian community in the UK. It is not part of the mainstream LGBT+ community, and this makes it hard for young women to access.

role models

With a lack role models in media and education, lesbian young women can grow up isolated, which can make it difficult to understand our experiences.

the website

Aims to provide:

  • Specific information, advice and support for lesbians in their mid teens (16+) and early twenties;
  • Ways to network and build friendship between young lesbians around the UK;
  • Increased young lesbian visibility;
  • Advice to parents/carers supporting lesbian daughters. Where daughters are confused about being lesbian and need additional support, we can advise on support from lesbian therapists.
  • Information to schools on including lesbian experience in sex and relationship education